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Starlite Event Center began it’s journey in January 2019 when a group of Saunders County investors purchased the former Starlite Ballroom. The event center is located 4 miles west of Wahoo, Nebraska on Highway 92. A complete remodel was done January and February of 2019. In March of that year, they officially opened for business offering a state of the art venue for weddings, anniversaries, dances, concerts, meetings, craft fairs, rib-fests, etc. The event center is a beautiful 15,000 sqft hall built on 5 acres that's perfect for any celebration.


In 1964 on Memorial Day weekend 2 couples, Adrian & Betty Rezac and Joe & Marie Cherovsky, opened the original ballroom and named it “The Starlite”. They opened the venue because of their love for music. 


In 1970 a summer storm with damaging winds forced the couples to put The Starlite up for sale. 


In 1976, Phil Bates, took over the ownership with his father Jerry and Father-in-law, Rudy Penke. Four short years later a fire caused extensive damage destroying the stage, some of the dance floor and the booths. After 3 months The Starlite re-opened but was forced to close a few years later in 1986. 


In September 1990 the Valparaiso Knights of Columbus purchased The Starlite but the clubs membership did not approve and a group of Valparaiso investors took it over consisting of 10 couples and 3 bachelors. The Starlite Ballroom officially re-opened on New Years Eve 1991. This group operated Starlite Ballroom for nearly 30 years.

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